Your Visit: What's It Like?



You most likely have arrived at this page because your parent or parents have said that they think you need counseling. Or maybe you have found it yourself because you have been going through a hard time or had some worries about your mood and you did research about how you can feel better.

I work with teenagers of all ages. I help them with things like depression, anxiety, and stress. Sometimes these feelings are related to dealing with social situations. Sometimes they’re related to dealing with school and the demands of school. Sometimes they’re related to things going on at home, or to figuring out things about yourself. Or maybe you’re one of those teens that doesn’t even know what’s making you not feel the way you wish you would, but you just don’t feel happy much of the time.

Most people don’t know what to expect from therapy or counseling. They might expect to be “psychoanalyzed” or to talk to some detached, distant person who is writing down their every word—stuff they might have seen in movies or in shows. Well, that’s not what it’s like.

Here’s what it’s actually like: We’ll sit and talk. I’ll ask some questions, and, basically, get to know you a bit—what you like to do, what school is like for you, what things are like at home, why you wanted to try out therapy. Then, I may recommend some strategies that you can try, or help you look at what’s going on in a different way. You might have questions, and I’ll answer them. I won’t make you wonder what I’m thinking. I’ll talk to you. You get to get help from an adult who has ideas about how to make things better and who isn’t your parent. Pretty quickly, we’ll figure out together if it seems like a good fit for us to work together. Then, how many times we meet and how often we meet is something we’ll discuss. Sessions are usually about 45 minutes.

I have a home office with a rear entrance, so it’s private and doesn’t feel like a doctor’s office. And, I am LGBTQ-friendly.

Looking forward to meeting you!